새 캔버스 Product usage

    Instrument cluster is a display unit showing vehicle or equipment information
    such as speed rpm, fuel amount, coolant temperatures and other warning information.


새 캔버스 Characteristics

    – 16Bit Flash MCU Control

    – CAN(J1939) communication & Hardwire Control

    – Display : Speed/Tacho/Fuel/Temp/Air gauge, Odometer

    – DIC(Display Information Center) applied

    – Illumination : White LED

    – Size : 410mm(W) x 220mm(H) (Depth : 65mm)


새 캔버스 Strength

    1) Competitive price

      With optimized cluster design and slim organization, we can offer
      competitive quotation for cluster development.

    2) Reliable quality and service
      As our customers are satisfied with our product quality and service,
      GKR can extend the cooperation area continuously.