KDG Electronics Co. LTD (CEO: Ryu Byeong-Soo,

has been established in 1998 and produces LED Lamp and LED outdoor light.

The company is located on Waegwaneup, Chkilgokgun, Kyoung Buk. Since 2009,

KDG electronics produced LED outdoor light based on the automotive lighting technology and stepped into the LED public light market.


In 2011, KDG electronics has obtained the patent of LED street light with enhanced uniform factor of illumination intensity.

The company has acquired ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, TS 16949, KS certification,

Green technology & Green product certification, High-efficiency product, and Excellent products for PPS.


Since 2010, KDG electronics has attended the LED & OLED Expo and the customer satisfied the design and quality of LET lights.

In 2014, the company has been appointed as the excellent company after Seoul city tested the LED street lamps. Also,

the company won the prize of Minister of MOCIE at 2014 International LED & OLED Award.


Recently, the KDG electronics developed the wide angle LED street light with the government support from Kyoungbuk TP for the Commercialize Project of Green Technology.

The new developed wide angle LED street light can be installed much longer than KS pole distance.

In addition, next generation wire/wireless dimming technology will be adapted at the wide angle LED street light.

The company also researched NIR LED medical equipment to reduce pain with the support of Small & Medium Business Administration,

and will acquired the medical equipment certification after clinical trial.


KDG electronics have made networks with the government supported R&D centers and University R&D centers.

The KDG electronics finally has constructed the R&D system for the development of new technology.

With the support of KOTRA, the company makes ground stones to export the LED lights to the world.