Oct 1999 Kinam Metal wasFactory relocation and expansion of production facilities (1,100 pyeong ground, annual production of 4200 tons)
Mar 2003 ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification
Mar 2006 Processing equipment introduced (MCT500-Vertcal)
Sep 2006 Obtained Q Mark / KS certification
Dec 2007 Incorporation transition to Kinam Metal
Nov 2008 Industrial Design Exhibition Award (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Jun 2009 Obtained GOOD DESIGN MA
Jul 2009 Additional introduction of processing equipment (MCT VX750-Vertical)
Jan 2010 Jinryang factory expansion and relocation (2500 pyeong ground, annual production of 9000 tons)
Apr 2011 Additional introduction of processing equipment(Vertical Turning enter-V110)
Oct 2011 Exclusive booth participation in International Water and Sewer Exhibition (Daejeon KOTREX)
Additional introduction of processing equipment (MCT VX650-Vertical)
Dec 2011 Product Performance Certification by Small and Medium Business Administration (toothed lock, roller-mounted harmony manhole)
Mar 2012 Participation in International Water and Sewer Exhibition (Ilsan KINTEX)
Apr 2012 Expansion of molding line (Auto-Moulding M/C)
Jun 2012 Procurement Excellent Product Certification (toothed lock, roller-mounted harmony manhole)
Sep 2012 Participation in the IWA International Water Meeting Exhibition (Busan, BEXCO)
Jan 2013 Obtained CE Certification International (Silent toothed lock round / square)
Feb 2014 Additional Excellent Product Authentication (color harmony manhole)
Sep 2014 Additional expansion of molding line (Auto-Moulding M/C)
BSEN124 Square manhole certification
MOU agreement with M company of Thailand and first exports
Oct 2014 PQ certification (advanced to foreign procurement markets))
Baking coating method for Paint Room was introduced
Nov 2014 Won New Growth Enterprise Award
Participation in The Big5 2014 Exhibition(Dubai World Trade Center)
Joined Government procurement export Foundation, MOU with U company of Dubai
Dec 2014 Won Trade Day Award
Obtained Seoul Excellent Public Design certification