Sep 2003 Established Seotong Technology Corporation
May 2004 Registered for venture firm by changing the company name to Protem
(Small & Medium Business Adminstration)
Apr 2005 Certified CE and TUV for slitter for IT ultra thin film
Sep 2006 Establishment of company annexed research center
Oct 2006 Development of super speed slitter(1,200m/min)
Jan 2007 Development of wide slitter control system(6.5m)
Aug 2007 Completed the development of micro film type slitter (0.8micron)
Sep 2008 Awarded the prize for technology by Gumi City
Establishment of sister company of WELLCO
Jan 2009 Development of Layer FCCL HEAT laminator
Feb 2009 Development of PVAA, PC, PET, OPP STRETCHING machine
Jan 2010 Making 2 head back coater machine
Jul 2010 ‘Development of the technology for connecting system for production and saving of hydrogen supply'
Dec 2010 Certified for NeT new technology for coating machine (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
Apr 2011 Awarded the presidential prize in the 44th Day of Science
Apr 2012 Appointed for superb Green-Biz – Grade A for green management of SME
Jun 2012 Appointed for ATC(Appointed for superb company for R&D by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
July 2012 Awarded the prize of the 30th IR52Jang Young-sil
Sep 2012 Development of non-woven in-line winder
Nov 2012 Awarded the presidential prize for new technology practicalization
Awarded the tower of US$10 million export
May 2013 Development of high functional ITO film laminator and slitter
Sep 2013 Development of 2.5m width UV silicon coater
Dec 2013 Development of hydrogen fuel cell equipment
Apr 2014 Obtained the certificate for tiny enterprise of global strength
Jun 2014 Appointed as a developer for prepreg production system (Keit)
Sep 2014 Export of solvent coating machine to Germany
Appointed for a global leading company by KICOX
Nov 2014 Awarded the silver tower merit of industry for new technology practicalization
Apr 2015 Awarded the prize of prime minister in the 48th Day of Science
Jul 2015 Development of convergence type film
Oct 2015 Development of semiconductor machine (Manual Mold Press)