Production capacity : 126,000 units/year, 30,7 units/hour
       Line constitution : KEY&SUB Jig Fixture / SPC System / Robot Handling
       Line area : 48×15=720㎡ / 14×4=56㎡ (Total 776㎡)

       How to use and features
       An assembly line for car body parts of automobile.
       Cutting edge welding facility system realized with integrated production
       and factory automation by enabling the automatic convey and welding of tens of parts through robot handling.
       Promote the rationalizing the development process and quality improvement though making module and
       automatic inspection (SPC) on the conventional assembly line.

       Details and effects
       1. Making line module : Standard line establishment through development achievements and database
       1) Reduced review period in the beginning of development : 2 months → 1 month (Cost reduction for pre-input)
       2) Minimizing the area and worker
           - CTR FLOOR : Area compared with previous area 10%(75㎡), Reduction of worker by 33%(2 workers)
           - COWL CROSS : Area compared with previous area 20%(14㎡), Reduction of worker by 25%(2 workers)
       3) Acquire the global competitiveness (Price) through establishing the reliability for quality stabilization,
           production capacity and safety earlier

       2. Automatic inspection (SPC)SYSTEM : Automation facility for inspecting the missing parts
           by using robot and pression camera
       1) Quality improvement management : Satisfy the global customer needs by storing and
           outputting the inspection data automatically.
       2) Improve the production operation ratio : Preventing the inspection missing and
           solving the conventional neck point (75% → 90%)
       3) Accident prevention : Remove the worker’s risk owing to the robot automatic inspection